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7 great tips to help you choose the perfect bag sewing pattern

7 great tips to help you choose the perfect bag sewing pattern

Sewing a bag should be a fun and rewarding project, but choosing the perfect bag sewing pattern can sometimes be a little daunting.

Here are 7 great tips to ensure that you choose the right pattern for you, your bag making or sewing experience and needs:

  1. Check the pattern matches your skill level: Consider your sewing experience and skill level when choosing a bag pattern. Some patterns may be more complex than others and require more advanced sewing techniques.
  • If you're new to sewing bags, you may want to start with a simpler pattern that doesn't have too many complicated steps or techniques. Curved seams and small seam allowances can be difficult to master.
  • If you’ve already got a couple of bags under your belt, then look for something more complicated. Curved gussets, different stabilizer techniques, drop in linings, binding and recessed zippers will continue to challenge you and keep your interest.
  • Many bag pattern designers will note the skill level required for their bag. Look for patterns that are appropriately labelled for you as "easy", "beginner-friendly" or intermediate or advanced. 
  1. Think about the purpose of the bag, what it will be used for. Do you or the person you are making the bag for want a tote for carrying groceries, a backpack for hiking, or a clutch for a night out?

The purpose of the bag will determine the size, shape, and features that you need to look for in a pattern.

Photo by Marissa Grootes on Unsplash

  1. Style is obviously a very important consideration: Choose a bag pattern that reflects the personal style of the person who will be carrying it and matches the rest of their wardrobe.
  • What will be appropriate? Think colour, fabric, and design of the bag.
  • Should it be something classic and timeless or something more modern and trendy?
  • Ensure it matches the style of the rest of their wardrobe
  • If you’re making it to sell at a market, choose a style that will be eye-catching and appropriate to the customers there. 
  1. Features: Think about what features you need in your bag.
  • How are you going to wear it? Cross body, shoulder bag or clutch.
  • Do you want pockets or compartments for organizing all your bits and pieces or storing your Ipad?
  • Do you need a zipper or closure to keep your items secure?

Make sure the bag pattern you choose includes the features you want. 

Tumbleweed Toiletry Tote by Blue Calla Patterns

  1. The materials a pattern requires is also important: Look at the materials required for the pattern and make sure you're comfortable working with them.
  • Are you using something from your stash or happy to buy what’s required.
  • Some patterns may require specific fabrics, such as heavy-duty canvas, vinyls or leather, while others may work well with a variety of fabrics. You might also like to read: "The ultimate guide: How to sew bags with vinyl or faux leather."
  • If you have a domestic machine, can it handle the materials that the pattern requires?

     6.Time and budget: Consider how much time and money you're willing to         invest in the project.

  1. Do your research and see what others have to say.
  • Look for reviews of the pattern online and read what people have to say in Facebook groups
  • Ask other sewists for their recommendations for patterns for the type of bag you want to make.
  • See if there’s a video on YouTube you can watch to get an idea of whether you’re going to enjoy sewing the project

This will give you a better idea of how easy, or not,  the pattern is to follow and how the finished product turns out.


By following these tips, you can choose a bag pattern that is both functional and stylish, and that you'll really enjoy sewing and using.

Karvi Mini Backpack By Bagstock Designs

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