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About Us

Kiwi Bagineers is an online store only.

Our vision is to take the frustration out of shopping supplies for the beautiful crafted handmade bags you are bursting to create.

My name is Katey and this is my story. 

I spent hours searching online for  hardware to use for my own projects and was constantly disappointed by the available quality and choice in New Zealand. 

The alternative was to buy abroad and then I had a long wait of often weeks, the stress of not knowing if I'd ordered from a "real" outfit and wondering exactly what would turn up. When it did arrive there was virtually zero customer service.

I decided to create my own online store where all things bag making are in one place and where Kiwi Bagineers like you and me can happily shop for bag supplies at realistic prices. 

There will be some items that I cannot source to begin with and some I won't stock because they are easily available elsewhere and I can't match the price.

My aim is to let your creativity flow without hindrance and also provide that personal touch. If you need advice on what to buy or help with something you have purchased from the store, just contact me. I will do my best to assist.

Also, if there is anything you need or would like to see in the store, please let me know and I will see what I can do or add it for the future.

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to our creative journey together.


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