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How To Store, Care For And Clean Vinyl and PU Faux Leather

How To Store, Remove Creases And Clean Vinyl and PU Faux Leather

Investing in faux leather for your bag making projects can be expensive and if you are not using it straight away here's how you should look after it.


Where possible store vinyls and faux leathers rolled with the right-side inwards in a dark and dry room. This will protect against creasing and colour loss due to light exposure and also prevent any mould forming from moisture between the layers when stored.


Store vinyl and faux leather rolled. Leather side in.

Removing creases from Vinyl and PU faux leather.

When you buy vinyl or PU Faux leather online it is usually shipped folded. This is because shipping a rolled item is comparatively expensive.

Here's how to remove any creases.

Vinyl. To remove creases from vinyl lay it out flat wrong side up on a sunny day. You can use an iron on a medium heat with a pressing cloth in between, but only ever iron the wrong side of the fabric or you will melt it. Make sure that you test a small bit first.

PU faux leather. It is easier to remove creases from PU and it can usually be easily ironed on the wrong side, using a pressing cloth. Use a wool setting and again always test on a scrap first.

Removing stains and dirt from vinyl and PU faux leather.

For both vinyls and PU machine or even hand-washing is NOT recommended. However, they can be easily wiped down with a clean damp cloth.

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