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How To Redeem Your Kiwi Bagineers' Reward Points

How To Redeem Your Kiwi Bagineers' Reward Points

1.  On the Kiwi Bagineers' website login to your account, either using the login top right, or by clicking the rewards icon bottom left. (See image below)

Once logged in click or re-click the rewards icon bottom left 

Rewards Icon

2.   You will see the following screen.  Make sure the Get Rewards Tab is selected.

The total number of reward points that you have available is listed bottom left.

The rewards that you can choose from are listed above with “redeem” next to them or “Earn” if you haven’t quite earned enough yet.




3.   Select the reward that you would like to redeem, you will then see a screen similar to this, (depending on which reward you selected.)

Confirm reward

4.   Click the green tick to confirm or the red X to cancel

NOTE: The flexible discount allows you to choose when to redeem your points to suit you which ranges from 1% for 25 points up to 20% for 500 points. 3

 5.   Once you have selected the screen will change to reflect your changed points balance.

You can copy the code here if you wish to use it straight away.

Copy reward code or wait for email

You will also receive an email with your code If you want to save it for to use it later.  4

email notification

If for some reason you can’t find your code when you want to use it, I can look it up for you.


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