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Hump Jumper and Point Turner

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Hump Jumper and Point Turner

This is a must-have! Use this handy, wide Hump Jumper tool to prevent skipped and mini stitches when sewing over bulky seam allowances.

Keeps the presser foot horizontal, allowing for consistent even stitching.

Can be used for edge to topstitching where there is little fabric resting between the foot and the feed dogs.

Keep that line of top-stitching perfect even at the thicker bits.

Additionally, this hump jumper comes with a printed end, perfect for turning out corners in bags

 How to use

On bulky seams

When you reach a bulky seam, simply slip the slotted end of the hump jumper under the foot and behind the needle. Slide-in as far as it will go. Lower your pressure foot on top and sew slowly forward.

If your seam is particularly thick, you may want to stop just before you sew off the front, just as the foot starts to tilt again. This time insert from the front and continue sewing forward.


To turn points. 

Turn your bag or pocket right sides out.

Gently run the point of the turner along the seam line and into the corner. Be careful to only use a gentle pressure so as not to poke the turner through the fabric


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